-What is the best way to care for my TML Hair Iron?

  • Always keep plates clean of residue and product build up, by wiping them regularly with a smooth cloth. A Q-tip is recommended in order to wipe down the crevices. It is also, very important to wipe the plates while they are WARM not HOT. Using something like witch hazel to wipe down plates is strongly recommended. 

-How do I promote the life span of my iron?

  • Always keep your iron clean and refrain from wrapping the cord around the iron. Also, excessive clamping of the iron will cause the ceramic heater to crack. This is considered physical damage and deemed as unwarranted under our warranty policy.


-If I leave my iron on, will it automatically shut off?

  • YES, the TML tool features an auto shut off function. This feature will automatically shut off your iron after 60 minutes of non-use. However, try and remember to unplug your tool to promote longevity and safety.

-What are the temperature options on my iron?

  • TML tools allow you to choose from temperatures ranging from 140 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

-What's the best temperature for styling my hair?

  • Depending on your hair type, this is what we recommend:

NORMAL HAIR: temperatures ranging from 360- 380 degrees Fahrenheit.

COARSE HAIR: (Thick,Curly, or Ethnic) temperatures ranging from 380- 410 degrees Fahrenheit. 

FINE HAIR: (Bleached, Chemically Treated, or Damaged) temperatures below 360 degrees Fahrenheit

**Please use your best judgement when determining temperature.**


-I purchased my TML tool and would like to return it, how do i return for a refund? 

  • ALL sales are final. We do not issue any refunds. In rare circumstances , we may issue a refund after considerable review. In the case we issue a refund, we will deduct any shipping costs and a 20% restocking fee.