Why TML Professional?

TML Professional is for both passionate hairstylist and hair enthusiast, desiring quality and appeal.We believe in fostering the general health and proper care for hair. Our company provides beauty through offering dependable products outfitted with the latest safety features. TML Professional tools are also equipped with a specialized ion technology that seals in the hairs natural oils, while protecting delicate strands from repeated heat exposure. Our black ceramic tourmaline plates are remarkably smooth, prompting less tension as it passes over the hair. This means, no hair snagging during the hair straightening process. The even distribution of heat through our plates makes only one pass sufficient, TML gets the job done. We take satisfaction in delivering trust-worthy tools designed for salon use and achieving salon quality hair results at home. The craftsmanship of our tools make them ideal for all hair types; thin to coarse, and normal to damaged. Our care for the general safety of users and hair integrity absolutely makes us the better option.